The school year is underway and St. Cloud State's President Dr. Robbyn Wacker is excited about the feeling around campus right now.  She says the campus has a much different feel this year as opposed to the last couple of years due to adjustments made for the pandemic.

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Wacker says safety for their students both in and around campus is important to them.  She is aware of the gun violence near a portion of campus in recent months by non students and is confident SCSU students are safe and can remain so.  Wacker says they have wonderful public safety that partners with the St. Cloud Police Department on their campus and she supports the work the St. Cloud PD has done in the neighborhood.

Wacker has these suggestions for students to optimize their safety in and around campus: be aware of your surroundings, walk with others when possible, lock your home, apartment or dorm and your car.  SCSU has a safety app that allows students to immediately connect to someone if they have concerns.

Enrollment numbers at St. Cloud State are in the range Wacker expected around 10,000 students which she says is up slightly from 2021.  She says their student retention rate is the best they've been at in the last 4 years and they have more graduate students than they've ever had.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Dr. Robbyn Wacker it is available below.



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