If you are second-born, I have good news for you. Researchers are trying to blame your misbehavior on your order of birth. According to a new study, if you are the second born, your less than stellar behavior isn't your fault. It's all the fault of science.

It appears, the "curse of the second born" is responsible for your rebellious nature.

First born, naturally, gets all the attention from parents and by the time the second born comes along, parenting styles most likely have changed. As a result, the second born tends to get attention however possible.

I always relished being the second born. Whatever I lost in parental attention was more than made up for by a lack of supervision. In other words, I ran wild. My parents never knew where I was or what I was doing.


Many years ago, I ran across the baby books my parents kept when we were micro-bops  My older brother's baby book was stuffed full of stuff. It even had clippings from his first haircut. I opened mine to find nothing but my full name and birth date. The rest of the book was completely empty.

This is not totally bad. It certainly doesn't mean you are doomed to a life of crime. It just means that your birth order might matter just a little bit more than you think.  Sorry Mom!

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