For more than 2 years Central Minnesota and much of the country has been dealing with a job seeker market and employers have been having a hard time either keeping the employees they have or recruiting new employees or both.  Gail Cruikshank is the Talent Director from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.  She highlighted some ways for employers to keep their employees.

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Employers are currently faced with more job opportunities than candidates in addition to increased expectations from their current and potential workforce. A significant portion of the workforce no longer feels like they're getting what they need from their current employers. Amongst the pandemic, there were 41% of employees considered leaving their current employers—and 46% of workers planned to make a major pivot or career transition. This opportunistic attitude was only fueled by the uptick in remote and hybrid roles that have opened up new doors for employees, who didn’t previously have these options. So, retention of your employees is essential more now than ever before!

Employee Engagement is CRUCIAL! Companies now recognize the importance of retaining their talent by:
Six important drivers are:
people and culture, address personal and professional needs, strong and approachable leadership, Frequent feedback opportunities o acknowledgement at work, thank you to employees, meet employees where they are at, recognition, confirmation/affirmation to hear and respond to feedback/ideas o providing meaningful benefits, competitive compensation, flexibility in schedule and job requirements, workplace wellbeing initiatives, flexible benefits offered to best meet all employee needs – can be different per age groups/type of workforce, volunteerism opportunities o ongoing training, opportunities for growth/advancement, continuous learning opportunities, additional responsibilities/opportunities in the workplace environment.

Recruitment Marketing
Townhalls, staff meetings sharing company sales, planning, challenges, Safety
▪ Professional, appreciative, positive o mission and values alignment
▪ live your mission and values through all you do
▪ address mission and values during every step of recruitment and retention process
▪ ensure candidates/employees beliefs align with company mission, vision and values.

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