Minnesota has been on numerous lists, some good and some bad. What do you think about this top list that it makes? "The Top 12 States To Live In"

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At that first initial look you think, heck yeah, Minnesota makes the list...of course, duh. Now that you've looked at it...take another closer look.

Photo by Terrible Maps via Facebook
Photo by Terrible Maps via Facebook

Do you notice anything weird about the map? All the "Top 12 States" are literally the top states in the map. The states that are the furthest North, or right on the border of Canada. Well played Terrible Maps, well played. But it did take a few to get the joke.

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Such as poor Maryanne who wrote:

They all border with Canada. The reasons they are best might be:

1.People can escape to Canada if there is any civil unrest.

2. They can come to Canada for cheap prescription.

3. They can watch CBS News.

4. The dollar is worth more across the border.

5. There is no windfall tax on winnings at Canadian casinos.

But many Canadian snowbirds like Florida and Arizona more.

But don't you worry, over 50 people were willing to fill her in quickly, and not all in the nicest way, that it's a joke and not serious.

After that no one took it real literal or serious and actually started sharing their own "facts" or "thoughts" on why they really might be the 'top'. For example Craig Wilson said;

When choosing the states, the mapmaker was given lots of latitude.

See what you did there. Karen Shapiro Thompson spoke truth with this:

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Honestly compared to the "bottom" 10 states, they really are the top!

Hope Merchant Gregory had their own "joke" to throw in the mix, writing;

Actually, Alaska is by Hawaii so it isn't one of the top states. Haven't you ever seen a map? *this is satire*

Just in case you were questioning that comment. Honestly, the comments are some of the best part of this whole joke and a surprisingly number of people didn't get it right away. Would you have gotten right away? Maybe share it on social media to see who else does or doesn't get it!


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