This weekend Great Theatre's production of The Sound of Music opened at the Paramount Theatre downtown, St. Cloud.  While this was a very good performance, as is with basically every Great Theatre production, this show does make some changes to what you may be expecting based on the movie version.

We were able to see the show on opening night.  When you see a show on opening night, if you are at all familiar with play productions, it can be the night to work out some kinks, if there are any.  However, I love going to opening night, it's always fun to see a production like this as one of the first ones.  One of the big positives of this show is to notice that we have some very talented actors in the area. These people are all local, and they do a wonderful job.  The singing, especially for The Sound of Music was really on point. If you go to this show, you will notice some changes.  There are some things omitted, which is to be expected, but there are some songs that are added.  It didn't take away from the show, it was just different from the movie version.

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One scene that I didn't understand being different was the change of "My Favorite Things" number.  In my opinion, that is one of the iconic scenes from the movie, when there is a storm, the kids are scared of the storm and run into Maria's bedroom for some comfort.  She tells them that when she is scared, she thinks of her favorite things and it makes her feel better.  Instead, that song was performed towards the beginning with Maria and the Reverand Mother (based on the original broadway play).  And they changed the bedroom scene song to "The Lonely Goatherd". Odd.  I understand why they couldn't do the marionette scene where The Lonely Goatherd" song is sung in the movie.  Should they have left the song out?

There were some other small changes from what you may be expecting from the movie as well.  Just know that going in - it won't be exactly the same, but still worth going to see.

All in all, I do recommend that you take time to see this performance if you have the chance.  It is playing at the Paramount, downtown St. Cloud through Thanksgiving weekend.  You can order tickets on their website.  Remember, you do need to show proof of vaccination for COVID and wear a mask while in the theatre.

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