A Segway tour.  That something that most people look at and think 'how cool! I wanna try one of those'!  It's not as easy as it sounds... or looks.  If you don't have the right balance, it can go completely the wrong direction than what you would like as a rider.  You can actually get hurt.  And yes, helmets are a required piece of equipment when you go on one of the "Segway tours".  And actually for good reason.  It can be pretty easy to lose your balance and fall off.

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They normally have Segway tours in Stillwater.  But this year, because of the coronavirus, they are suspending those tours for this year.  They will be back next year. They will resume tours on May 31, 2021 according to their website.  They also state that the experience will be improved and will be a great thing to plan if you are heading to Stillwater (one of my favorite places in MN). I am wondering if one of the changes will be the actual Segway.

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The Segway that we know will be going away and making room for a much improved one that will be self-balancing.  Then maybe the possibility of falling off because you lost your balance will be lessened.

The parent company, Ninebot, will halt production on July 15th of this year.  These things were super expensive and basically no one could afford them except the police force in some towns and also tour companies.  They apparently will continue to make a smaller version of the Segway that is self-balancing.  Probably safer too.

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