You need this in your life.  For the person who has absolutely comes something that they absolutely don't need.  A self stirring mug!

Woman holding a mug of hot chocolate

We are eventually going to have those cold days and nights, and looking for a spoon to stir your coffee might be just way too annoying, so hey... these guys are here to save the day.  In comes the Self Stirring Mug.  Great gift idea!

No more looking for those perfect spoons, no more having to wash the spoon, and no more putting it on the counter or on a spoon rest that you will just have to wash again later.  This mug is self stirring!  You will be the envy of your friends and family.  They will all want one, so might as well stock up now!

It's the self stirring mug.  Available now for the low, low price of just until $15!  Isn't that great?  Plus, the site you order it from has all kinds of other useless gifts for people you hate.

Happy early holidays!


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