Every week we feature an adoptable pet.  The "Pet of the Week" from the Tri-County Humane Society.  Usually it's a dog.  Sometimes it's more of an exotic pet, like one time we did feature a turtle.  And he was adopted too!  Generally the pet of the week isn't a cat because those generally go so fast that they don't need any extra attention.  But in this case, Keekers, an 8 year old cat has been at the TCHS for about a month or so.

She needs a family.  The thing with Keekers is that she needs to be a solo pet.  No other cats in the house is what's preferred.  She likes to be the Queen of the house.  She, like most cats, will take a minute to warm up to you, but once she does, she will be very cuddly and a great companion.

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Keekers is 8 years old and is spayed and is ready to go to a great family.  And what's even better is that if you are, or if you know of a senior citizen or a military vet, Keekers will have no adoption fee.  If you aren't either one of these things, the adoption fee has been reduced to just $5.  That is a great deal!

Cats can be great companions.  Especially if you are someone who doesn't have time or isn't home enough to have a pet that's a dog, cats are great.  They basically take care of themselves.  You do, of course need to feed them and make sure their litter box is cleaned on a regular basis, but they really are loners... until they aren't. You know... cats.  They decide when they want some company.

If you are interested in Keekers, or any of the other pets that the Tri County Humane Society has available for adoption, check out their website.  You can always stop in there and see the available pets.  Also be aware that some of the pets available are in foster care.  In that case you would need to make an appointment to see them to do a meet and greet.

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