There has to be a special place in Hell for this woman, Donna Roberts. In my eyes, treating a dog as anything less than part of your family is a crime. I just have no stomach for animal cruelty.

65 year old Donna Roberts was arrested in New Jersey after 44 dogs were found dead in her freezers and more than one hundred more dogs living in filth inside her home. Officers noted signs of cruelty towards many dogs of varying breeds on her property.


A total of 130 dogs were discovered living in these horrible conditions and the 44 dead dogs were discovered wrapped in plastic and stored in freezers on the property. Four dogs were in critical condition and taken to an emergency veterinary clinic.The remaining dogs were taken to a shelter.

Donna Roberts maintained her innocence, saying that's what breeders do with dead dogs, put them in a freezer. Donna is facing charges and I hope she gets the book thrown at her.

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