Everyone, unless you are completely unplugged, is talking about the end of Game of Thrones and the end of The Big Bang Theory.  Both of which happened within a week of eachother.  I have never watched GOT, but boy, I sure do know that the thing ended, it was the last season with only 6 episodes, and apparently the writers weren't doing a very good job... or something.  Oh- and people want to sue or just get their money back from HBO, and many have cancelled since the end of the show Sunday night.

Game of Thrones

There were a lot of posts on social media yesterday with people mourning the loss of Game of Thrones.  My initial reaction was "oh, c'mon!  This is not a thing".  But apparently it IS a thing.  I had no idea.  People get so invested in the characters and the shows that they love that when they end, it's actually like a loss.


I guess I might feel that way when Grey's Anatomy ends.  That show has been on for what, 12 seasons?  It is now the longest running Dr. show.  It has now surpassed ER, which I never really watched.  Hmmmm.... maybe I should check it out on Netflix.  I'm always late to the party on shows that everyone else watches.  I have no idea why.

So, that means in like 2025 when GOT is on Netflix I'll probably watch it and no one will care about it anymore when I wanna talk about it.



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