YIPPIE! The Who just released a 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe edition of their epic record Live at Leeds. This album is thought by many critics (and myself) to be one of the best live rock albums ever.

Strange thing is, the band actually thought the show they put on the next night at Hull was a better concert (it also included a performance of "Tommy" in its entirety) and wanted to put that out as a live album instead, however, there were four tracks where the bass guitar was thought to have dropped out. Recently, however, an associate of the band returned to the vaults to listen to the Hull recordings and was surprised to discover that the set was wholly intact--band, bass and audience! So now, not only does the new Live at Leeds Super Deluxe 40th Anniversary album have an all-new remastered two disc recording of Live at Leeds, it also has the Hull show as a two disc set with it! Yay! Included in the digipack is a cool 64 page booklet, an original vinyl LP and a seven inch record featuring Summertime Blues and Heaven and Hell.

Can you guess what's on MY Christmas list this year?