This is kind of a gross topic if you think about it... but I was thinking about it because it's summer, and just generally people sweat more, and might wear a lot less to bed than they do when it's colder out.


So- with more skin on your sheets, and more sweat... and "other" things, how often should you wash your sheets?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Seems like maybe there would be a happy medium in there somewhere.  Once a week would be exhausting!  That seems like too much.  But what are the factors?  Do you sleep with a partner?  Do you have kids and/or pets in the bed with you?  Does it matter?

Did you know that we spend about a third of our lives in bed?  Good grief that seems like a lot!


Some say because of dust mites and such (gross) we should wash our sheets once a week. Ugh!!  To be honest, there is no way I'm going to wash my sheets every week.  It's just not going to happen.  How about every 2 weeks?  That's seems way more doable.

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By the way- at a hotel, if there is a bedspread, that thing goes right on the floor immediately!  Yuck!

Sleep well!