ELK RIVER -- Sherburne County is getting a facelift.

The county is rebranding itself by creating a new logo, updating its website and improving its social media presence. Sherburne County is also in the process of renovating and expanding its government center.

The county rebranding committee alongside Switchboard Advertising helped create the new colorful logo and tagline "Opportunity Awaits."

Steve Taylor is the County Administrator. He says the rebranding shows how Sherburne County is really stepping out and proving it's a great place.

"The timing of this branding work is perfect. These projects support and mesh with each other and help us show what makes Sherburne County a great place to live, work and do business."


Work on the county's new website is still in the works.

Sherburne County last updated its logo in 2006, in honor of its 150th year being a county.

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