What some new dog owners don't realize before the bring a dog into their home is just how much work a dog can be. All dogs and especially large dogs need plenty of exercise and fresh air.

We have 2 dogs, Astro a Labradoodle (about 80 lbs) and Zoey an Aussiedoodle (45 lbs) and both need to constantly burn off energy. There are those days, be it not so nice weather or you just don't feel you have the energy to walk the dogs.

Especially in the Winter, it can be tough to face the frigid weather and take the pups for a walk.  My wife had a great idea and trained Astro to do the treadmill on those cold Winter days. Astro will go about 5 miles at a good pace and absolutely loves the treadmill.  Zoey has not yet mastered this solution, however.

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Should exercising your dog or dogs be legally required?  Minnesota has no law about this on the books. according to MyPetNeedsThat1 in 5 Minnesotans would approve of such a law, which is lower than the national percentage (28%)

Germany, however, did pass such a law and dog owners must legally walk their dogs at least twice a day and for a minimum of an hour total.

Minnesotans do have their opinions on this though.  43% think that people that don't walk their dogs should be forbidden from owning one. 34% of Minnesotans say they would report a neighbor for not walking their dog.

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