Paid maternity leave has been a contentious subject for years. It's hard enough to find acceptable maternity/paternity leave when you have a baby...but what about a new pet?!

Norway is beautiful...and a Norwegian company is recognizing that pets are family, too.

Shocker (not shocker): it's a pet supply company doing it.

Mustic Group has begun to offer "pawternity leave" (MILLIONS OF PUN POINTS!) to its 1500+ employees. While it's not weeks of like in a typical maternity leave, it's still 3 paid days off when an employee adds a new kitten or pup to their family.


There's good reason for it, too: the first few days are critical for a happy new pet. He/she is in a new environment with new humans, and having his/her owner there to ease the transition can only help. Probably fewer carpet stains, too!

There's nothing like bonding with a new pet over pee stains.


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