When you have a government job you know you probably will never get fired. When the Vikings extended the contracts of Kirk Cousins, Mike Zimmer, and Rick Spielman, they must have felt like government employees with that feeling of job security. At least for the next few years.

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When the Atlanta Falcons came to Minnesota, they were a team that the Vikings should have beaten. The Falcons had not won a game yet. But yet they came out looking the Falcons from a couple of years ago. Like a team that had recently gone to a Super Bowl.

The Vikings didn't look like they really cared about the game. There were some moments they did, because, in the end, they are professional football players. But for the most part, they look like they may decide to hang it up for the 2020 season. And whether you want to blame it on injuries, personal changes, or COVID, this season is turning out to be a spectacular failure.

Some fans think that this is great. They want the Vikings to tank the season and get a high draft pick and possibly that franchise quarterback -- a true franchise QB that the team hasn't had since -- Fran Tarkenton. They can't stand Kirk Cousins and given his recent performance, you can't blame them.

So at this point, it might be better to throw in the towel, blame it on whatever, and get that high draft pick. Because if they don't, even these Vikings "government" employees might be looking for new employment soon.

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