Let me preface this with, I am all for the 2nd amendment.


A New York politician has introduced a bill that would require a social media and online check. the purpose would be to single out people that post threatening and/or hate speech.

It seems that in just about every mass shooting lately, that there has been questionable things posted on social media. Would a social media check on prospective gun buyers help identify potential mass shooters?  I don't know but it's probably going to be a tough road getting this law passed.

There are two sides to the gun issue. On one side, there is no compromise when it comes to the right to own guns. But, should there be some restrictions?

There was a law forbidding mentally ill people from owning guns but that was repealed shortly after this administration took over. Not sure what the thinking was here.

Felons and those convicted of domestic abuse are mostly not allowed to own firearms. This makes sense and has probably saved a life or two.

What do you think? Yes? No?

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