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KAT Returns But Wolves Fall To Clippers
Karl-Anthony Towns returned to the team after missing nearly a month with COVID-19 and clearly gave the team a spark out of the gates. After allowing 43 first-quarter points to the Thunder and Mavericks in consecutive games, the Wolves allowed just 47 for the entire first half against Los Angeles.
My Kid’s Toy Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack
I took our three-year-old son to Target last week to get some clothes because he now seems to grow out of them weekly. As any parent of a toddler knows, you gotta at least stop to LOOK at the toys on any trip to any store, ever.
Wolves Find New And Exciting Way To Lose Wednesday
The Timberwolves essentially controlled the game from the opening tip and led by as many 16 points late in the third quarter. However, the Magic chipped away at the lead throughout the fourth and ultimately won the game on a buzzer-beating three pointer from Cole Anthony.
My Bad, Amazon
Then the dreaded moment: Amazon says they have delivered your package "to your doorstep" but you don't see it anywhere. Suddenly, you are frantically searching your driveway and front porch for your package in your boxer shorts.

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