ST. CLOUD -- Down at Summertime By George the bands are the main act on the stage, but it's hard not to catch yourself watching the sign language interpreters up on the stage too.

They've been providing the service for every Summertime By George concert for about the last nine years. So how do they seem to know every word to every song?

One of the interpreters at Wednesday night's show says they do wear an earpiece so they can listen to just the band's vocals. And, they do a lot of homework ahead of time.

Bands like Mason Dixon have been amazing. They give us their set list, then what we do is a lot of research prior to the show. We go on the internet and find the lyrics to every song.

They actually haven't been there since the beginning, but were actually brought onboard about nine years ago.

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Cici is a local deaf woman who attends the concert almost weekly. Speaking through an interpreter, she says the sign language interpreters make the show more engaging.

And I can have that same experience that you can have coming to watch the concert and show.

Cici says she and her late partner met with members of the St. Cloud Rotary Club and asked them to provide the interpreters.

Made it mandatory regardless if there are deaf people in attendance or not that interpreters would be provided for every show.  And, that the interpreters as working professionals should be compensated for their time.

Now the interpreters get paid with the help of sponsors, but they do it at a reduced rate because they feel so strongly about providing the service.

They also sign the music at the Rock the Riverside concert series in Sauk Rapids.

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