There are people who have been waiting for this... winter finally showed up in Minnesota.  I may not be one of those people, but at least I can appreciate how pretty it can be... from inside a warm building and looking out a window.

But in all fairness, Winter in Minnesota can be pretty majestic looking.  And if you are into winter sports such as snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and things like that where you get to get out and enjoy nature, this can be a great time of year.

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There is an area in Northern Minnesota that really is very limited during the warmer months.  But when Winter rolls around, and things are frozen, you can get out and enjoy the area.

It's the Beltrami Island State Forest.  From Only in Your State:

You'll find the headwaters of five rivers - the Moose, Rapid, Roseau, Warroad, and Winter Road Rivers - within the forest. With all the peatlands, bogs, wetlands, and waterways within this forest, large portions of it are inaccessible in warmer weather.

This is the time of year when you can essentially glide over all of those areas and just enjoy the scenery.  There is even about 140 miles of snowmobile trails around the area. Plus a ton of area that you can hike around and even find a few aeas that are great for sledding.

Now that winter is here, might be the best time to plan a weekend trip with the famlly to get out and make the best of what Minnesota is known for - winter weather.

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