ST. JOSEPH -- The Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict have donated a home in St. Joseph to the Habitat for Humanity of Central Minnesota.

Three of them lived in the house until 2020 because their housing at the monastery was full. Sister Patricia Ruether says when the home was no longer needed, they decided the community needed it more than they did.

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We look to people who will help carry out our mission and ministry. And, there's the social justice issue of affordable housing out there. So, we know that that's needed here is Central Minnesota, and here in St. Joe.

Habitat for Humanity is in the process of renovating the house. Chad Johnson is the Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity.

The sisters have been an amazing supporter of Habitat over many years. And, they usually had a fundraiser that they would do for us, but because of COVID they couldn't do the fundraiser. So, they felt bad. So instead, they had this house they were ready to depart from, so they signed it over to us for renovation.

They are putting in new insulation, adding new siding, and adding two new bedrooms in the basement. They are hoping to move a family into the home in late next summer.

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