Hundreds of people go to the ER with firework-related injuries during the 4th of July holiday.  Here are six important fireworks safety tips you need to remember so you don't become one of them.

1.  Make sure they're legal where you are. The state of Minnesota does not allow anything the flies or explodes. Check your city and county laws as well.

2.  Do not allow young kids play with or set off fireworks.  Even something as basic as  sparklers can cause serious burns.

3.  Do not aim or throw fireworks at people.  It's simple logic but add alcohol and some people throw logic out the window.


4.  Do not put any part of your body directly over a firework when lighting it.

5.  Have a hose and a bucket of water on standby in case of a fire.

6.  If you have a dud do not re-light it.  Wait for it to stop burning, soak it with a hose and put it in a bucket of water.  For small fireworks, soak for 15 minutes and for bigger ones, soak for a few hours  After that, tie them up in a couple of plastic bags so they won't dry out.

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