Slash may be getting a new address, but he's not moving. He's looking to go to where the sunny days sweep the clouds away where everything's A-OK. Friendly neighbors there that's where he'll be. Sound familiar?

Yes, that's right. Former Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash says he wants to be a guest on Sesame Street.

Slash says that it's on his list of dream gigs that he hasn't played. Though that list of gigs I'm sure is getting shorter and shorter, he has never ever been on the popular childrens' television show. He says that no one has even approached him to be a part of it, though many other musical acts have done the show and have gotten to spend the day with Telly, Big Bird, Elmo and the rest of the gang.

Slash believes the reason he has not been asked to be on the show is because producers and parents believe he's probably not the best influence for little kids. He would also have to lose the smoke.

Red Hot Chili Peppers went through the same thing in the 1990's. They begged to be on the show and were invited and booked for a guest shot but producers for the Childrens' Television Workshop canceled their appearance because they “would not be appropriate for the show.”

Can you imagine Slash trying to teach Snuffleuppagus to shred or jamming with Oscar the Grouch? If he messed up a lick or two in the song Lady Bug Picnic, do you think he would curse? That would be awesome. I would totally DVR it.