We all love those old videos of classic rock artists we play on the LOON. Whether it's a pixely video dub of Kingdom Come from our 80's @ 8 Archives, or it's a rare TV appearance of Little Feat, there's something in those performance videos that boost the nostalgia high we crave as lovers of rock. It might be the opportunity to relive an old memory or maybe it's the fact that that's all we had before MTV came along and forced musicians to suddenly become actors, a profession many were uncomfortable with.

But yesterday, SONY released a new video for Sly and The Family Stone's classic R&B Rock-N-Roller Everyday People, that has fused together primarily stock footage available from various video storehouses.

You've seen this sort of footage before, mostly used in advertising, but sometimes in movies. I have to admit, while watching the video, I can't help but think a company brand logo is about to pop out, with Jeff Bridges or Kevin Spacey uttering a tag line, as website and social media icons litter the screen. But we're in luck, as no such sell-out garbage emerges. It's truly the most glorious use of good-ole-plain stock footage ever.

Adam Sosinsky, Shutterstock's director of footage, told MASHABLE'S Brian Anthony Hernadez;

"Our job was to help Sony produce a great video, one that fans are going to enjoy and watch repeatedly. It's exciting to be able to bring a new visual interpretation to a classic song from such an iconic artist."

Sly and the Family Stone four-CD box set, Higher!, was re-released in August by Sony's Legacy Recordings and you can find the remastered version of "Everyday People" on it.

For the time being, kick back, crank the desktop speakers and go ahead and dance in your cube. Nobody will fault you.



I saw this video on the web earlier today and decided it was a perfect reason to spin the song for today's Secret Stash. So lucky you, if you missed it, because it's not often you have the chance to reward yourself if you're not tuned in to the show at 4:20pm weekdays. Every workday at that time, I grab a tune from my personal collection (my "Secret Stash") and play it. For most of us it's ear-candy, a tune that brings back some memories. But if you're a Loonatic (our online loyalty club), listen in, jot down the title of the song I play and then click on the Listen and Win Codes entry for the Secret Stash. When you do, you'll add 2500 points to your online loyalty account that can be used for entries in contests, or you blow them for fun in the LOON Casino.

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