This has got to put any animal rights activists on high alert.  Apparently there was a zoo visitor that was smoking.  He threw his still lit cigarette over the fence into the area with the orangutan.  The orangutan then picked it up and took a few puffs.  Even looks to have flicked an ash or two in the process.

The thing that strikes me as the most odd... if you can get past the fact that an orangutan is smoking... is that he appears to have done this before.  Or he is really a great observer of human behavior and there are a lot of people who go to the zoo and smoke around the animals.  Which seems very weird.

It kind of reminds me of this crazy story from a few years ago.  Remember the smoking baby?

And look at that... both of these incidences happened in Indonesia.  If anything like that happened here in the states there would be major public outcry.  First- the animal rights people who be all over the dude who threw a cig into the pen at the zoo, and second- the baby- well child protection services would have that baby taken into protection.  For sure!

Things are certainly different here than in other countries, right?

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