The Masters Tournament is taking place right now at Augusta National, and all Minnesota golfers are just about losing it as there's no sign of spring in sight.

By this time last year, golf courses were starting to open, welcoming golfers from all over the state to their beautiful greens. With reports of MORE snow coming Sunday evening (3-4 inches), many golfers have booked tickets to Augusta, Georgia to get their golf craving fulfilled by watching the Masters Tournament live...where there's zero sign of winter.

Apparently there's an issue that the authorities at Augusta needed to address, which are phrases being shouted out from the crowd to distract golfers as they tee up.

The number 1 item on that list is the saying made famous by the Bud Light commercials -- "Dilly Dilly". That, along with "Baba Booey" (a character on Howard Stern's radio show), and "Mashed Potatoes" are of major concern this year at the Masters.

We got our hands on the top secret “NO YELL” list at the Masters.

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Would anybody from Minnesota actually go to the Masters and heckle millionaire golfers with phrases like this? Seriously, who yells "Dinklage for President"? I'll admit that it very well could be fans from Minnesota! We're grumpy right now because of the arctic weather we're still having, so our Minnesota nice is starting to fade away temporarily.

Notice that the phrase "get in the hole" isn't on the list? I probably wouldn't try yelling that out though. I hear security is heavy at every hole and looking to boot you out without any warning. I think it would be funny to see Minnesotans all over the place with a Happy Gilmore hockey stick in hand and sporting a Wild jersey. We are the "State of Hockey", right?

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