Today is National Social Media Day.  I know it seems like  every day is some sort of "National" holiday.  But this one seems interesting.  There are so many things as far as technology goes that have made life so much better.

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But has social media made things better?

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A case can be made for yes, things are definitely better.  Social media has made it possible to reach out to friends and family that you haven't seen  in awhile, or have been in the military or moved away after college, something along those lines.  You are able to keep up with them, see their family, how their kids have grown, share pictures and just catch up in general.  It's been a great tool...and during this pandemic, it's been awesome!  Especially since we all need to be social distancing, it's great to be able to stay in some sort of contact where you can actually see what's going on in people's lives.

Where social media goes wrong... in my opinion, is when we get things going off the rails.  People get very heated over things that are at all controversial.  People say things that I don't think you  would ever really say to their face....generally.  But somehow on social media it's like fair game.  Also, we get the issue of fake news, news that is blown out of proportion or just a flat out lie.  And we can also deal with the dreaded "click-bait".  That is where the headline or the picture that is featured has little or nothing to do with the article attached and gets shared over and over and people commenting without really reading and just reacting to the headline.

Also- the selfie generation.  That's a whole separate issue right there.

It's been such a weird time... especially since this pandemic.  Social media...there's good and bad.

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