Summer camping season in Minnesota is in full swing, so here are a few fun facts about camping. Personally, being employed in radio, I consider camping practice for being homeless.

3 days is the average camping trip. That's long enough to get sick of pooping in the woods.

No matter how much it looks like your kids are enjoying themselves, they'd rather be  at a water-park.

Almost 15% percent of people camp. The rest don't suffer from Lyme disease.

In reality, there is nothing stopping a centipede from crawling up you butt while you are asleep.


While running from a bear, trip your least favorite child.

The best way to avoid the dangers of camping is to stay home and watch TV like a normal person.

More Millennials go camping than any other age group. It's just nice to get out of their parents basement for awhile.

The whole camping thing was invented by a guy just trying to get away from his family.

(Wise Bros)

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