Ok, the title might be a bit tongue in cheek, but for real...

We have all heard about how awful Division is with the amount of lights that you need to stop at.  We have all also heard that there is supposedly a certain speed that you can drive down Division and work it so that you will hit every light green.  It does seem like if you start out with a red light on one end of town, you will hit every one, and vice versa.

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I know there is also that story about someone on Johnny Carson's show years ago...a lot of years ago, who was a truck driver and was asked what was the worst road he had ever driven, and he said Division Street in St. Cloud Minnesota.  Whether or not that is true is still up in the air, unless someone finds the footage, because honestly, why would Carson have had a random truck driver on his show?  But maybe... find the footage and I'll believe it. I have looked for the footage and have had no luck.  So if you can find it, that would be great.  Add it to the comments.

Now, with all of that said, aren't there some left turn lights on Division that seem as though they never turn green?  It seems that you can run through a cycle or two of lights and it still doesn't turn green for the left turn drivers.  And honestly, how long do you wait through those cycles until you just go with no one is coming?  I go two, then I just go.

I just saw someone post on a left turn light that ran through 3 cycles and never changed. The light was near 15 and Hwy 23.  It's a bit ridiculous.

The light that I have found to be the biggest offender of this issue is the left turn light on Division and 7th Avenue.  Turning left from Division going North on 7th. The light will run through multiple cycles before turning green.... finally. So, are drivers in this situation justified in "running the light" in that situation...obviously waiting until no one is coming and it is clear to turn but the light hasn't turned green?   If feel like yes, totally justified.

What other lights do you find yourself in that situation around St. Cloud?

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