When you are a kids, a lot of times all you will eat is something like hot dogs and mac and cheese.  But when you grown up, your taste buds seem to change, or the foods you thought you really disliked are suddenly edible. Or even great!

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The first one on my list is brussel sprouts.  Someone once described them as little nast balls of condensed fart.  I totally agree!!  I used to just call them tiny cabbages, but I really like that fart description better.  I will admit that as an adult with the grilling, aioli and other toppings and/or seasonings they are much more tolerable, but still too bitter for my tastes.


I know- it's one of those staples that adults love.  It's a great way to fill yourself up while being healthy.  But when I was a kid, it was all iceberg, no nutritional value ranch dressing pile of crap.  Now, there are so many different types of "lettuce" greens and veggies and great toppings that can make a great salad.

Squash - Zucchini

Unless it was in bread form, not eating it  Now, as an adult, squash is great as a soup, in pasta, or zucchini on the grill with some great seasonings is really quite good.

Mashed potatoes

Yep.  You read that correctly,  Mashed potatoes.  I didn't like them anywhere other than the ones that my mom made.  Mostly because she made "whipped potatoes".  She also added lots of seasonings and not JUST butter and milk.  That is the most tasteless bunch of bilge I've ever had.  Oh, and lumpy too.  Yuck


I know that sounds crazy.  But hamburgers can be very dry and a basic puck if not prepared correctly.  As a kid I was one of those people who would only eat hot dogs...and with mustard, not ketchup.  I'm still that way with a hot dog, but I will now eat hamburgers.  Crazy how if you prepare it correctly they are very good!


Actually i still won't eat this one, but there are some exceptions.  I will eat cold shrimp - like a shrimp cocktail and I will also eat crab legs.  But that is about it.  All other "water" food is a no-go.


I know. I'm weird.  But I hated pizza as a kid.  I will eat it now, but it's not my favorite food.  But I do like it... occasionally.

What are some foods that you wouldn't eat as a kid, but will now eat as an adult.

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