We have all been hearing about how so many restaurants and other retail businesses are shuttering.  But, good news is that this is not one of those stories.  This time it is some good news!

I stopped by Boulder Tap yesterday, and saw that there was a sign on the door stating that they have some exciting things coming this summer.  Looks like they are doing some renovations.

The sign on the door says this:

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Hard to read, I know.  But what it says is

"Hello Guests! Please excuse the mess and noise.  We have some pretty exciting things happening this summer.  Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for more updates"

If you haven't been to Boulder Tap recently, they do have a great patio area out back.  It's one of those additions that Minnesotans love this time of year, because any time we can get out and enjoy the outdoors, we do!  Also, if you are someone that is either allergic to gluten, or has a gluten sensitivity, Boulder Tap is a great place to eat.

Most restaurants have some gluten free options.  But, Boulder Tap has an entire menu that has gluten free options.  It's perfect.  Just order off that menu, instead of asking if you can get a gluten free bun, or if they have soem gluten free options.  It's an entire menu, and it's extensive.  Perfect!

So, check back on their Facebook page for any updates regarding the renovation.  I'm excited to see what turns out.

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