And now a neuroscience has shown us the most uplifting music.  But wouldn't it depend on your musical taste??  But seriously - it's actually a science.  These are the most uplifting songs:  Queen- Don't Stop Me Now, ABBA- Dancing Queen and The Beach Boys- Good Vibrations.  What makes uplifting music?  It's actually kind of technical.  Uplifting music consists of a few things such as tempo, lyrics and the key the song(s) are in.

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Also, according to science, what impact did music have on the listener pertaining to love, and just a general mood?  What songs were inspiring?  All of these factors are playing into what songs are uplifting and what songs are kind of depressing.  By the way, what song do you think was the most depressing or least uplifting?

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If you guessed Johnny Cash's Hurt you would be right.  Funny thing, is that I kind of like the song... but it also depends on my mood.  Like am I in the mood for a song like that?

So I guess there may be something to this science thing, huh?