It was a night of alternative rock for the fans of Minneapolis based  Soul Asylum, as the band indeed rocked the house.

The band formed back in 1981, as “Loud Fast Rules” with then drummer and now frontman Dave Pirner,  guitarist/ back vocalist Dan Murphy and the late Karl Mueller on bass (Karl died of cancer back in 2005).

They became Soul Asylum back in 1983 and made a significant impact on alternative and rock music ever since.  The band’s biggest album was the triple platinum early 90′s classic “Grave Dancers Union” and the platinum follow up “ Let Your Dim Light Shine.” The band was also lucky enough to receive a Grammy Award for the mega hitRunaway Train“.

It appeared to be just what the doctor ordered for Soul Asylum’s core audience and the crowd stood on their feet for the performance of , “Runaway Train”, during one song there was the essence of Peter Frampton’s ,  “Do You Feel I Like I do”, and a pretty good cover of Steve Miller’s, “The Joker”.

The band played two 45 minute sets with and intermission (first ever according to Dave) and I thought the first set was a little too loud to the point that the music drowned out the vocals. The second set, however; an adjustment must have been made, because everything seem to blend well.

The chemistry of the band seemed well oiled and we were treated the drummer Michael Bland who may be best known as drummer for Prince and The New Power Generation also has played drums for Chaka Khan, Nick Jonas to name a few. He resides in Minneapolis but is a session drummer in Los Angeles, Ca. and has done work for Mandy Moore, Backstreet Boys and Clay Aitken.

They have a new album out called  “Delayed Reaction” in which they featured a few songs from that. The encore was very good and the audience was on their feet for most of that, especially for the  song,“Stand Up and Be Strong” .

Overall I give the concert two thumbs up for a band that’s been around for close to 30 years!

Enjoy the video from last night’s show at The Paramount