You'll be able to wine, dine and spend the night at Duluth's revitalized Lake Superior Brewing Company!

Over two years ago, one of Minnesota's oldest craft breweries quietly closed its doors. In early January 5, 2020 various sources reported that Lake Superior Brewing Company had closed its doors after 25 years. Not only was it one of the oldest breweries in the state of Minnesota at the time (just behind August Schell and Summit), but it was also the oldest craft brewery in Duluth.

In October 2020 Lake Superior Brewing Co. announced via social media that it would be re-opening as a brewpub under new leadership and in a new location.

"Husband and wife team Seth and Sarah Maxim, have a dream of preserving Lake Superior Brewing Company's legacy while re-inventing the brewery in the Lakeside-Lester Park neighborhood," reads a fundraising campaign for the brewpub at Better world. "This brew pub will be a family friendly environment and the first of it kind in this Duluth neighborhood."

The brewery -- which is near opening to the public -- is located at 5423 E. Superior St. in Duluth in what used to be an old fitness and tanning center. A recent update on social media reveals that you'll be able to do more than just wine and dine at Lake Superior Brewing Co., though -- you'll be able to spend the night!

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"Come stay with us!" the brewery posted on Facebook. "We are proud to have finished and launched our Brewtel Studio and 2 bedroom Apartments at LSB. Available to book via Airbnb and (soon) via our website."

Photos reveal very chic, modern units available to rent complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, living space and full kitchen. The Studio Apartment starts at $112 a night and the 2-Bedroom Apartment at $125 a night while an entire Lakewalk House starts at just $115 a night.

Lake Superior Brewing Company's website is still under construction, but you can follow along on Facebook.

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