You could say that the album,'Night Flight' is more of a dance worthy love song dominated album. Unfortunately this album was not well received by the fans.Even though this album proved to be a dissatisfaction to the fans, it' still Justin Hayward. There's speculation that fans weren't overly thrilled about Jeff Wayne's Musical of "The War of the World's' (Justin provided vocals to one of the songs) so Justin had Wayne produce 'Night Flight', maybe not a good idea considering all the disappointment.

Not overly well on the charts but still charted none-the-less, #41 on the UK and #166 on the US charts.

The track list:

  1. "Night Flight"
  2. "maybe It's Just Love"
  3. "Crazy Lovers"
  4. "Penumbra Moon"
  5. "Nearer To You"

Side Two:

  1. "A Face in the Crowd"
  2. "Suitcase"
  3. "I'm Sorry"
  4. "It's Not On"
  5. "Bedtime Stories"

The album is available on LP,Cassette and CD.

Next up his album from 1985 'Moving Mountains'

Attached is music of the song,"Nearer To You".