The album 'Moving Mountains' was like night and day compared to his previous album, 'Night Flight' Two thumbs up from the fans and the critics.In sharp contrast, this album was true to form thought the ears of the fans simply because the sound had returned that we come to expect from Justin.

Critics from Allmusic labeled the album as "more representative of The Moody Blues than much of the bands actual output during the early 80's."

The album peaked at #78 in the UK and is available on LP,Cassette, and CD.

The original LP track list :

  1. "One Again"
  2. "Take Your Chances"
  3. "Moving Mountains"
  4. "Silverbird"

Side Two:

  1. "It's Just A Game"
  2. "Lost and Found"
  3. "Good-bye"
  4. Who Knows"
  5. "The Best is Yet to Come"

Next up s album from 1989, 'Classic Blue'.

Attached is a video of the song, "Silverbird"