It's that time... even though it doesn't look like it outside today.  Snow falling, even though it's light, still shouldn't be there.  But anyway, on with the Spring Cleaning!  One of the best things to do is opening the windows and getting the "Winter Funk" out of your house.

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But if you are cleaning around the house and need something to help you out, or have some things that you would like to clean a little unconventionally, try VODKA!  Yes.  Regular vodka.

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There are so many uses for Vodka that I hadn't thought of, and quite honestly, I'm still a bit skeptical.  But, maybe it's worth a shot to try and see if they work!  They include anything from soothing a toothache (and no, you don't drink it) to curing smelly clothing.  You can even try taking care of your plants and make your hair shinier.  Who doesn't want that?

Worth a try.  Test it and let me know how it goes.