It's only an hour.  Why does it feel like it's like a half a day?  There is no reason for this this time change to affect people the way that it does.  You always hear people saying that they are so tired.. that time change really affected me.  But did it?



I kind of relate it to people who say that they have jet lag from a 2 hour flight.  No you don't.  You are just tired from travelling.  Actual jet lag only happens when you have major time zone travel.  Like from here to the middle east.  That will probably give you jet lag.


But I give you this.... there is actually medical backing to say that it does actually take about a day to adjust to the time change of only 1 hour.  Crazy, right?  Well, sometimes you have to take WebMD with a grain of salt.  If you try and diagnose yourself with anything, you seem to wind up with the Black Plague or something.

Adam Berry, Getty Images

So- apparently you do have the right to say that you are a bit groggy from the one hour time change.


Happy Daylight Saving Time- remember to change your clock ahead before you go to bed on Saturday night, otherwise you will be late for everything on Sunday.