Another week, another time when we should have Spring on the way... actually it should be here.  To be honest, we dodged the snowmageddon that could have happened and I was super happy about that.  The whole weekend was not at all too bad.  Then Monday, today happened.  At first looked like rain, and now- full on snow storm!

Just look at it!

You'd think that we were closer to the holiday season than about ready to enter into the first part of April.  And Easter is next Sunday... is it early this year?

I know I'm sounding negative, but I'm positive that I would like a new season to start.  How's that for a positive spin?  I just think that each season should stay in it's lane.  As soon as it says its a new season that should start!  Do you know of any other season that runs into the next other than Winter??  Or am I just noticing that one more than the others?

Sigh.... Spring will be here... eventually.  As for now, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman??

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