ST. AUGUSTA -- A St. Augusta liquor store which was fined last month for a third compliance check violation within an 18 month window has failed another one just months later.

A letter sent to the owners of St. Augusta Mini-Serv shows the store failed a liquor license compliance check June 9th. The previous violation occurred in January.

The city’s guidelines called for a $1,500 fine and a two-day license suspension on a third offense in 36 months. The council lowered the fine to $500 because the Mini-Serv demonstrated it had trained its employees, and staff had completed the alcohol training program. The Mini-Serv employee was fired immediately after the compliance check failure in January.

The latest compliance check failure is the fourth in a 24 month period.  The store owners face a possible $2,000 fine plus license suspension of between five days and 60 days, or license revocation as determined by the City Council.

The St. Augusta City Council will be reviewing the latest violation at their July 5th meeting.

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