ST. CLOUD (WJON News) - The St. Cloud Area School District and the St. Cloud Area Education Association have reached a tentative teacher contract agreement for the 2023-2025 school years.

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According to a news release from the St. Cloud Area School District:

  • The agreement increases a teacher’s base pay by 4% in the first year, and 2.25% in year two. The change covers both the regular salary and extra-curricular schedules.
  • Step movement on the teacher salary schedule increases a teacher’s pay from 0-4.5% per year depending on where a teacher is currently placed on the 11-step salary schedule.
  • Teachers will see a 5% increase in the district’s contribution to family health insurance.
    In year two of the contract, teachers with more than 12 years or more of service in the district will see an increase in longevity pay.
  • The agreement also adds 15 minutes to a teacher’s day for teacher collaboration time across all school sites. Officials say the additional time requirement will increase the salary schedule by 3.45%

Officials say the total cost of the the agreement, if approved, is 9.27% over two years.

The cost of the additional duty time increases the total package costs by 12.07%.

Teachers will vote on the agreement on February 20th and 21st and, if ratified, the Board of Education will vote at the board meeting on February 21st.




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