ST. CLOUD (WJON News)  - With the beginning of school still six weeks away, high school seniors should start thinking about scholarship applications. 

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The St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors and administers several high school and college scholarships to students in our area. 

Emily Bertram is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Chamber. She says there’s a scholarship for every interest.

Over the years, the Chamber Foundation has raised thousands of dollars to give to local high school seniors and college students. Each scholarship has its own prerequisites that a student has to meet. We have some that are related to agriculture (and) some that are related directly to our chamber connection group. And so a variety of different ways to do it. 

Scholarship application details have been distributed to area schools and are available through the school’s guidance office. In 2022, the Chamber administered 35 scholarships totaling $19,100.

Bertram says the act of applying for a scholarship is educational in its own right, using skills that a student will need in the future. 

The students have to step outside of their comfort zone and make that formal ask for the money. They're vetted by a committee and chosen based on their merits and how much they stand out. Not only is there the motivation of money, but also the ability to learn how to talk about yourself. (It’s) just another way for students to learn and be able to grow their skill sets.

For information on the scholarships, find more details by clicking here. 


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