ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- The St. Cloud Christian School is formally beginning the process of adding on to its building.

This past fall they announced their intention of adding more classrooms and a gym to the school at 420 3rd Avenue Northeast.

On Tuesday there will be a public hearing during the Planning Commission meeting for a request to rezone the property to allow for the expansion.

They want to build a three-story, nearly 23,000 square-foot addition that will add 12 classrooms, and an additional gym, upgrade the kitchen facilities, improve security, and relocate the playground across the street at Spalt Park.

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The St. Cloud Christian School has been in its current building for over 20 years. They say due to an increase in enrollment at the K-12 school they are at capacity.

If the Planning Commission approves the request it moves on to the City Council for their approval.


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