Run into a stranger over the weekend that looked like they are into Craigslist Ads? Maybe you are being sought after! Here are the best "Missed Connections" from over the weekend!

You checked me out at kohls and we hit it off. You are so beautiful and look so good in your bangs. I hope you see this so we can maybe meet up.


you were at Holiday around 3:45 pm today as was I you held open the door for me and moments later blessed me with the cutest smile ever as you waited to pay i believe we have locked eyes at another location recently i would really enjoy finding you again!! reply with the color/make of your vehicle please and we can chat about other incident we crossed paths


You were at Friday's SCSU Hockey game standing on the west end behind the net near the Husky Hut. You were drinking some Third Street Brew. We exchanged a couple glances and smiles but I didn't get the chance to get back and talk to you. I'm certain you would remember something pretty distinct about me. Let me know what that was.



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