We heard about this happening quite awhile ago, and now the new technology is being rolled out.

What is happening is new technology to get you out of the store and on your way faster than before.  Sam's Club already has the Scan and Go feature which is unique to Sam's Club, as opposed to Costco. And now, the checking of the receipt as you leave Sam's Club by a team member will be going away.

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The new technology that is being implemented into all Sam's Club locations is AI receipt verification.

This was announced several months ago, and so far they have rolled out the program to approximately 120 stores throughout the United States.  This is only about 20% of the stores.

From KARE 11

Here’s how it works. After a Sam’s Club member finishes paying at a register or self-checkout, the company says the items will go through a combination of computer vision and digital technology at the exit to verify payment. Because it’s AI, Walmart says the system is continually learning and improving its process. 

Most of the stores that have this are located in Southern States. It was a test to make sure that it would work the way it's supposed to work, and apparently that has been successful.  So the plan is to implement this technology into every Sam's Club store by the end of this year.

Could there potentially be some glitches?  Yes. but this was part of the reason for implementing it on a gradual basis.

If you are a customer that just normally uses the Scan and Go feature, there will not be a change to that system.

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