COLLEGEVILLE - Somewhere between school, homework and football Will Gillach finds time to volunteer to help those in need around Central Minnesota and the world.

The St. John's receiver and Lindstrom native has spent countless hours outside of the classroom and football field trying to improve the world around him. The sophomore  says finding time to fit volunteering into his schedule is important to him.

"A wise man once told me you put the priorities of your life in the forefront, and if a priority or value of yours is giving back then you are going to make time for it."


For his volunteering Gillach is being recognized by the American Football Coaches Association by being named as one of 22 players to the "Good Hands Team". The humble St Johns student says he did not start giving back with the intention to receive awards.

"Honestly I do it because I want to give back and spread my happiness and joy with other people that are less fortunate. And yet to be recognized for it is kind of a bonus and it is kind of a reassurance that [I am] making a difference and [I am] helping the world out."


Gillach has spent time volunteering in Nicaragua and volunteers locally at Anna Marie's Alliance.

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