ST. JOSEPH - Between classes and studying, a student at St. John's University has been spending his free time this fall getting ready for a big fundraiser. Sophomore Austin Hingtgen is organizing the event to raise money for childhood cancer research.

He's working with the St. Baldrick's Foundation - which is a combination of the words "bald" and "St. Patrick's".

Hingtgen says almost everyone has been affected by the disease, and he wanted to find a way to give back.

I have a good friend who about two years ago was diagnosed with leukemia, and she's had an awful experience with it.  It's hard to see people go through that, and you know a lot of people do.  I'm really passionate about doing something about that.


Hingtgen's event will be held on Friday, October 20th starting at 5:00 p.m. at Sal's Bar and Grill in St. Joseph. It will include a social hour and dinner with tickets selling for $10 each. Then, volunteers will shave their heads. He says so far he's had 12 head shavers sign-up, including one girl.

The shaving your head part is just a big awareness of what it's like.  It's almost an uncomfortable feeling to have no hair.


His goal when he starting putting the event together back in July was to raise $5,000, he says he's already passed $3,400.

Hingtgen is a biochemestry pre-med major. He's also an EMT at St. John's.  He's a native of Williston, North Dakota.

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