Despite the calendar currently reading 'February,' it certainly has felt like spring lately in central Minnesota. Why not head out and grab a frozen treat for breakfast!

Jupiter Moon Ice Cream in St. Joe is holding an "Ice Cream For Breakfast" event on Saturday, February 3rd, which is also "National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day."


Rise and shine, ice cream lovers! It's National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Saturday Feb 3rd and we're once again celebrating!
Doors open at 9am, coffee will be hot the ice cream delicious especially when paired with a fresh donut from Flower and Flour Bakery for ice cream donut sundaes!
Try our famous Cinnamon French Toast Ice Cream, and don't forget the Affogato coffee floats!
Come in your pajamas and score a token for a free scoop on your next visit. Wake up with us and celebrate the morning with ice cream, coffee, and fun!
Jupiter Moon Ice Cream was founded in 2019 and moved into its current physical location in St. Joe in 2020.

“We’ve always had the intention of getting into our own space,” owner and ice cream creator David Boyer told WJON in 2020. “We want to create a place that’s joyful, celebratory and inclusive. Those places are hard to come by in central Minnesota, so instead of hunting around for a place to be in, we thought we’d make one.”

Jupiter Moon is known for its unique flavors like Caramel Cookie Adventure, Eggnog, Saturday Morning Cartoons (with Lucky Charms marshmallows) and Salted Black Licorice.

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