I always thought the only time anywhere in Minnesota celebrates Irish anything was around St. Patrick's Day. I would be wrong.

Enter Irish Fair of Minnesota 2022!  This is happening all this weekend, starting today, Friday through Sunday with lots of entertainment, vendors with crafts and food!

We are excited to have you join us in 2022 for our annual 3 day celebration of all things Irish; past, present and future! Our goal is to provide you with a "can't miss" world class experience that leaves you counting the days until our next Fair. We take great pride in creating community and fostering an environment intended to celebrate and lift each other up.

This Irish Fair welcomes everyone, including family events and even things for your dog!

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Shenanigan-again 2022 is happening at Harriet Island Friday through Sunday.  You can choose to go just one of the days or choose to go all three days with a three day pass. There are different events going on each day.  A one day pass is $20 for adults, $15 youth ages 13-17.  Under 13 Free.  A three day pass is $45 for adults, $40 for youth.  You can purchase tickets in advance.

Looks like this weekend if going to be very pleasant, perfect end  - or at least towards the end of Summer.  And now your weekend plans have been made.  Maybe.

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