I do love me a good tea drink at Starbucks.  And on occasion a frap or something.  Things that other people, who like "normal" coffee, call fluffy coffee.  I can cop to the fluffy coffee.  I usually just say I like coffee that tastes like dessert.  And most of the "coffees" that I drink generally require a straw.  Quite honestly though, I don't care if it's plastic or that biodegradable paper ones that some places have been using now.  If it helps the environment, then I'm on board.  But, does it, really?

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Question more specifically, does it really make an impact?  If you haven't seen the turtle with the straw up it's nose, then you need to.  And then you may agree that it isn't necessary to have plastic straws.  That poor turtle.

Starbucks has said that they are going to be making the transition to no straws by 2020.  They are going to be moving towards the adult sippy cup type lid on their cold drinks, and a paper straw on their cold drinks that have whipped cream.  Places like Seattle have already moved in this direction because plastic straws have already been banned.

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To be clear, Starbucks plastic straws are recyclable.  They just usually aren't because they are so small, and don't weigh much.

Now, getting rid of the straws... is it enough?  Probably not.  Experts say that by the year 2050 our oceans may be more full of plastic than fish.  Yuck!  Getting rid of plastic straws;;. it's at least a start.